Are You Ready to ... 

 * Release limiting beliefs and blocks that hold you back from attracting abundance into your life?

 * Reinigite your power to attract more success and joy in your life?

 * Reclaim your body and your energy?

I invite you to join the 8 week online TRANSFORM YOU program

Over the course of 8 Weeks you will receive:

  •  8 weekly videos to help you attract more abundance & success.
  •  8 weekly tapping videos based on the theme of each week, to help you release any blocks holding you back from achieving your intentions.
  •  8 weekly 8-minute meditations that you can do anywhere, anytime, based on the latest science of neuroplasticity and visualization.
  •  8 weekly group calls with Sally for questions and accountability.
  •  Exclusive membership to a secret Facebook group for daily support.

Transform You is designed to help you get what you want in business and in life

 You wil learn how to:

1. Refocus to achieve more in your day and your year.

2. Embrace the art of intuitive eating to dramatically increase your energy and decrease your weight.

3. Reignite your own personal power to attract the things you want in your life.

4. Reset powerful intentions to finally achieve the success you want.

5. Release stress and anxiety easily to allow the 'real' you to shine always.

6. Step into your own wisdom and feminine power to live in a state of joy and abundance always.

7. Release self-sabotage stopping you from achieving success.

If you would like to discuss being a part of the next program, or have further questions, contact Sally by clicking the button below and book a time directly in her diary for a personal conversation. 


Professional Speaker, Counsellor, Author, Certified EFT Practitioner and Women's Transformational Mentor

About Sally Thibault

Sally has been called one of the most intuitive and powerful women's mentors.

With over 35 years experience in the fitness, health and personal development space, she knows how to cut through the hype and knows exactly what her clients need to create transformational, permanent changes in their lives.

The author of two books, a Professional Speaker and Counsellor, Certified EFT practitioner and business owner for over 25 years, Sally's unique intuitive wisdom and experience will help you achieve more abundance, success and joy in your life ... You will just feel the difference!

I wanted to send you a personal thank you as I have received so much from the Transform You - 8 Week Programme. 

Going into the programme, I knew things were holding me back and wasn’t sure exactly what they were and why. 

I discovered patterns in my life in both personal and business and addressed these with your guidance. 

Being in the eight week programme has opened my eyes and I have made some huge life changing shifts. I have lost weight, I am more focused, my reactions have changed; all without me really having to think about it. 

I would strongly recommend this to anyone, the eight weeks have flown by but when I reflect on my initial intentions and see where I have come from to now - I amaze myself. 

Janet Culpitt, Networking with Confidence

A Word From Sally

This is the era of the wise woman.

Never before has there been a more perfect time for women to step up into leadership in business, in family and in life.

For so long we have taken a back seat. Perhaps focusing on family, relationships and balancing our careers in the midst of it all.

Then there comes the time when it is about us. When we must start to listen to our own hearts with the inner guidance that comes from the wisdom of life.

When it is time to reclaim the success in your life that you deserve, so you can truly live with the abundance, success and joy that is your birth-rite!


I look forward to supporting you on this transformational journey of reclaiming the WHO you really are before life got in the way.

If you would like to discuss being a part of the next program, or have further questions, contact Sally by clicking the button below and book a time directly in her diary for a personal conversation. 

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